Recent winner of Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas, local artist Mona Whitton brings her ‘Shoal of Fish’ to the Gravesham Light Festival.

Having lived overseas most of her childhood, her love of travel has had a huge impact on the art she produces.

Throughout her life, Mona has always been fascinated by art and impact it can have, from the design we see day to day to the extraordinary pieces found in museums, galleries and open spaces.

Every year millions of fish migrate, moving in schools, looking for spawning grounds or better feeding waters, always moving in groups, working to support and protect their community.

The willow tissue paper and chickenwire fish are illuminated from within, representing the voyage fish make.

The installation creates beautiful swirls and whirls of colour, as the fish move across oceans searching for fertile breeding and feeding grounds.

Mona will also be doing workshops during the Light Festival.

You can find out more about these on the St George’s Arts
Centre Facebook page.

Mona’s website can be found here