Emergency Exit Arts bring their atmospheric light installation, The Hourglass, to Gravesham Light Festival.

The Hourglass features an interactive storytelling show by Arjunan Manuelpillai, that will help audiences to connect with the idea that we are all ‘one world’ and ‘one people’.

“When creating this story for The Hourglass I wanted to move the narrative away from the trauma and persecution that people escape as refugees, I wanted to show an audience that there is nothing more natural than migration.

For centuries people have moved from country to country for money or for safety, just like animals have travelled because of climate and food.

The idea of a border is a manmade conception dividing us and I believe that travel and migration are an integral part of our society. Something we should embrace and enjoy.” – Arjunan Manuelpillai

You can find more information about The Hourglass on EEA’s website