Pocahontas Commemorative Guide

Pocahontas 400 Commemorative Programme

Next year marks 400 years since the death of Pocahontas and we have arranged various events to commemorate her life and achievements. A programme of special talks by public speakers will be held in the historic St George’s Church.

A limited edition Pocahontas 400 Commemorative Programme detailing the forthcoming events and Pocahontas’ life is now available to pick up at Gravesend Visitor Centre.

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  1. Christoph Bull
    Christoph Bull says:

    It would be most helpful to have the Pocahontas events listed on this site, rather than telling people to pick up a brochure. All events should be on a single website to make it easy for the public to find things – maybe it is but I cannot find this information – and if I cannot find it then the general public will lose interest when faced with endless clicking only to be frustrated in their quest for relevant information.
    I look forward to the new Market information point being fully functional as visitors are very important to Gravesham, and they need help to enjoy all we have to offer.

    • virginiewhittaker
      virginiewhittaker says:

      Dear Christoph,
      I am sorry that you find difficult to get the information.You will see that we have a big Pocahontas 400 logo on the homepage under the featured events section.Once you click on it you will be directed to the Pocahontas 400 dedicated page where the commemorative programme can be viewed online.Events are also listed individually with the top 3 coming up events (by dates) and then a link with all the Pocahontas related events for the coming year (listed individually as well) can be found as well. I hope this helps.


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