The ancient parish of Chalk

The village borders the River Thames and is an area rich in history.

Blue wave

Chalk has many historic connections including ones to Charles Dickens.  The Old Forge on the corner of Forge Lane is believed to be the inspiration for Joe Gargery’s cottage in Great Expectations. The village was also the chosen destination for Dickens’ honeymoon with his new wife Catherine Hogarth, it is believed that he stayed in ‘Craddocks Cottage’ nicknamed ‘The Honeymoon Cottage’.

On the more rural side of Chalk you will find St Mary the Virgin church with aspects dating back to the 11th Century.  The font originates from Norman times & the church’s first bell was hung in 1348.  The tower has been considered a prominent navigation landmark from the Thames.

Chalk Church and Daisies by John Allison
Dickens Honeymoon Cottage, Chalk