Town twinning has been part of the life of Gravesham for over 25 years

Gravesham is twinned with Neumunster in Germany; Cambrai in France; Chesterfield County in Virginia, USA; and Jalandhar in India.

Families that have met through Gravesham Town Twinning Association are now firm friends – both in Europe and, more recently, across the Atlantic in Virginia, USA and the South Asia in India. Schools arrange annual exchanges; sports clubs join in each others competitions and in various ways each town has become a part of each other.

Copies of the Charters signifying these twinning links are kept in the Civic Centre as well as in the council offices of the three twin towns. However, the twinnings flourish through the involvement of people.

Who we’re twinned with
Blue Wave

Cambrai, France
Chesterfield County, USA
Jalhandar, India

Cambrai, France

Neumünster, Germany

Chesterfield County, Virginia

Jalandhar, India

Gravesend Town Twinning Association
Blue Wave

Gravesham Town Twinning Association is a group of people committed to seeing the links between peoples continue to flourish and grow. The Association raises its funds through membership subscriptions. There is a Committee of people of all ages who have been involved in exchanges and two major meetings of members and a Christmas event as well as other socials are held each year in addition to the visits that take place.

Direct contact with each town is made each year with either a group travelling from Gravesham or groups from the towns coming here. The intention is for everyone involved to realise that we belong to a global village – but often the best way of achieving this is to stay family to family and enjoy the experience of meeting and visiting.

You do not have to know a language to be able to enjoy twinning. For information on becoming a member of the Gravesham Town Twinning Association please visit the Town Twinning website.

Gravesham Town Twinning Association