I started my working life as an electrical engineer. Then as a professional musician – an interest I uphold today doing around 70 gigs a year. I then ran my own retail/wholesale business. My guiding career started in 2009 when I passed the City of London guide/lecturers exam (Institute of Tour Guides level 3) This enabled me to work professionally in the guiding industry.

As well as being a Gravesham guide I also currently work at :-

The Palace of Westminster (guide)

Kensington Palace (explainer)

The Globe Theatre (guide/lecturer)

Wembley Stadium (guide)

London Stadium – Olympic Stadium (guide)

Several coach companies (guide)

Power boats on the Thames (guide and working towards Boat Masters licence)

I conduct power point lectures and guided walks for interested parties

Through my working life I am able to indulge my passions for history, music and entertainment. My latest venture is as chairman of the Gravesham Tour Guide Association – a position I am very enthusiastic about.