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Visit the historic riverside towns of Gravesend and Northfleet.

Experience Gravesend

Gravesend has been welcoming visitors for centuries and today remains a well-connected place for visitors looking for the perfect day trip or short stay. The high-speed rail link has brought Gravesend closer to London with the Town Pier pontoon providing a more leisurely arrival with fast boat services from and to the capital along the river Thames.

The first English settlers of the New World departed from here with the famous native American Pocahontas is buried in St George’s Church. A statue to her memory stands in the churchyard.

Charles Dickens stayed in Gravesend whilst work was being carried out at his home in Gad's Hill, Higham. He also contributed to funds to build St Andrew's Mission Church, which became an important place of worship for people departing the UK for new lives in Australia, the Americas, and New Zealand.

General Gordon of Khartoum lived in a house in Fort Gardens and devoted a huge energy to creating schools and improving local amenities. He is remembered with a statue in Gordon Gardens, next to New Tavern Fort.

Gravesend boasts one of the oldest Chartered Borough Markets in Kent. Dating back to 1268 and recently refurbished this historic building is the centre of a thriving street food scene, one of many great places to eat – from tearooms to traditional riverside pubs.

No visit is complete without paying homage to the magnificent Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara . To date, it is the largest Sikh Temple in Europe and attracts admirers the world over.

Away from the town’s rich heritage and wide selection of place to eat, drink and socialise there’s adventure to be had. The Panic Room and the Future Survival Laser Tag are part of a growing range of experiences to enjoy. The town's theatre and cinema, the Woodville meanwhile a key part of the town’s arts and cultural scene along with the LV21 Lightship, St Andrew’s Arts Centre, St George’s Arts Centre, and the Fourth Portal.

The Cyclopark on the outskirts of the town is a world class BMX and cycling facility. This multi-sport centre also has a playground and skate park If you’re looking for great sports facilities for all the family don’t forget our leisure centres at Cascades and Cygnet too.

There are many walking and cycling routes in Gravesend for you to enjoy as well including along the town’s famous promenade and out into the rest of the borough where there’s lots more to explore.


Experience Northfleet

Northfleet has a history older than Gravesend stretching back to the time of the Roman Empire. The area now called Springhead was the centre of life back then and known as Vagniacia.

By 1800, Northfleet was the home of numerous shipyards. A list of merchant vessels built at the yard of one William Pitcher included at least 25 ships headed for the East Indies and West Indies, and about the same number for the Navy. The yard closed after the death of Mr Pitcher in 1860, having overseen the construction of 160 ships in 72 years.

The area is also well known for its Cement, Paper, and Metal Industries. Not forgetting, the home of the famous Russell's Brewery. Today, that brewing legacy continues with the thriving Iron Pier brewery, which produces cask ales, using old Russell’s brewery recipes. Take a visit for some contemporary twists on classic British beer styles.

Rosherville Gardens was one of the largest and most popular Victorian pleasure gardens. Thousands of people would visit by boats from London It was laid out in 1837 finally closing to the public, just before the First World War. Surviving features include a Grade II listed bear pit and a hermit cave complete with chalk grotto.

Visit Gravesend
Visit Gravesend
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